The Maverick

“The Maverick” is the Alice Vincent, the newest addition to the Hacks and a 22 year-old writer interested in fashion, music and the arts. She was previously “The New Yorker” but has now evolved into a fully-fledged Wannabe Hack!

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2010, she moved swiftly from the wilds of Buckinghamshire to New York to cut her teeth with an internship at Nylon magazine.

The Maverick

Deciding against taking a place on City University’s Magazine Journalism MA course and by throwing herself across the pond Alice got the work placement of dreams. Alongside walking into New York Fashion Week and CMJ music festival with press passes, she had the opportunity to interview, pitch and write full-page glossy copy during her three month emigration, as well as acquire a healthy bagel, slice and Central Park habit.

Now readjusting to London’s grey skies, Alice is hoping the experience gained at publications – NME, Dazed and Confused and Vice, three years’ of contributions to music and arts-based publications and section-editing Entertainments and Culture for Newcastle University’s The Courier – will get her an editorial job.

Aside from art, fashion and music her personal website picks up where her weekly Courier column ‘North by South’ left off in narrating her adventures – transatlantic and otherwise. She intends to spend the next few years fattening out her contact book, writing evermore varied and interesting magazine copy and getting a green card to return professionally to New York.

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