About Wannabe Hacks

Wannabe Hacks isn’t your typical blog about journalism or trying to get into the media industry.

The difference with Wannabe Hacks is that it is written by five graduates ACTUALLY trying to do just that.

Not only that but each of the wannabe journalists are trying to make it through completely DIFFERENT means.


One has eschewed a masters in magazine journalism. Two are doing postgraduate courses in newspaper journalism but are very different in their approaches. Another is freelancing for a number of magazines. And the fifth is completing several internships and developing his own projects.

The only similarity is that they all are doing so in London.

Wannabe Hacks will be a first hand account of five people’s quest to get a job as a journalist. It will record the highs and lows of each step along the way.

By the end, Wannabe Hacks will have discovered what path is most conducive and conclusive to getting into journalism and which route has the most pitfalls and potential setbacks; it will tell you what skills are most useful to learn, qualities that are vitally important to have and mistakes that you can avoid.

Five young men. Five vastly different career paths. One capital city. All Wannabe Hacks.

One Response to About Wannabe Hacks

  1. emanuelle_esposti says:

    As a wannabe hack myself also attempting to tread the often contorted path towards a full-time career in journalism, I fully support this blog and your efforts to document the ups and downs of life in this exciting but lonely city.

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