The Chancer

Chancer by name, Chancer by nature, Tom Clarke differs from his counterpart wannabe hacks in many ways. The most important distinction is that he comes from Manchester and not only knows next-to-nothing about London but also holds a strong disliking for the place itself.

Tom Clarke

The other obvious difference is that unlike his other co-bloggers he has no specific role; he is not an intern, has yet to freelance, he is not an investigator and is far from the perfect student. He is the jack of all trades, master of none in this motley crew of aspiring journalists.

Despite these differences he does have a lot in common with The Student, for The Chancer will also be taking up a place at City University to study the Newspaper Journalism MA. Not only that but the 21-year-old shares the fine sport blog Pope and Swift with The Student and also enjoyed great success as the other sports editor of Redbrick last year.

The Chancer was also news editor of Redbrick from 2007-2009 and the Sports Editor of The National Student from 2008-2010. Having completed a degree in English at the University of Birmingham he has spent his summer travelling the country doing work experience at local newspapers in Birmingham, Carlisle, Gloucester and Oldham, during which time he has gained a taste for the varying standards and styles of local newspapers.

The Chancer has no idea where his year in London will lead him but hopes that with a lot of luck and a just the odd bit of hard work he may just manage to blag a job as a 21st century hack.

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