On the prowl in my patch. But how do I start my hunt for news?

So, a busy first week at City University was concluded with an exhaustive and contemplative Friday afternoon. The previous day, myself and The Student, along with our other classmates on the Newspaper Journalism MA, had been given our patch to report on for the coming term. The deal; the group was split into pairs and assigned a ward in either Islington or Hackney. The remit; to compile a ‘Patch File’ of between 30 to 40 pages including six news stories and three key interviews.

The Student got lucky by landing Clerkenwell, the ward closest to the University itself, or in fact the ward the University is in (both of those statements could be wrong, my London geography still isn’t top-notch). Either way, he wouldn’t have to worry about travelling to his turf. I on the other hand was assigned Queensbridge ward, in Hackney, not the furthest of the wards from the University but a decent trip.

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An English-woman in New York

This week WannabeHacks are proud to present a regular guest poster: a Hacker from Harlem.

Alice Vincent is a 21 year-old writer interested in magazine journalism as well as fashion, music and the arts. After completing an English Literature degree at Newcastle University this summer she has recently moved to New York to intern with Nylon magazine.

Alice Vincent

As those who have experienced it will know, the first day of any new internship is fairly nerve-wracking.  The combination of a new public transport system, entering part of a city bustling with confident commuters and feeling like you’ve got a luminous sign above your head saying ‘UNPAID NEWBIE’ isn’t a great one.

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