The reading list: Week 13

It’s that time again when we let you know what journalists, journals and online articles have been the focus of our hack-ttention in the past seven days.

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Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles by commenting below, emailing us at or tweeting us (@wannabehacks). Here goes…

I am kicking off this week with something I expect a lot of you will have seen, but if you haven’t you should be reading it (whether you agree with Rusbridger or not) – I am of course referring to Alan Rusbridger’s latest essay / lecture on the media industry: The splintering of the fourth estatea small excerpt below, but it is 5000 words long, so make sure you have a cuppa to hand:

“I want to discuss the possibility that we are living at the end of a great arc of history, which began with the invention of moveable type. There have, of course, been other transformative steps in communication during that half millennium – the invention of the telegraph, or radio and television, for instance – but essentially they were continuations of an idea of communication that involved one person speaking to many. That’s not dead as an idea. But what’s happening today – the mass ability to communicate with each other, without having to go through a traditional intermediary – is truly transformative.”

Next up, a man in love with linking – a great piece from Ed Kamp about how linking is great for all the elements we like to see in good journalism: transparency, context, fact checking – it’s certainly worth a read…

From one Ed, to another; this time we have Ed Walker giving us his thoughts on Tumblr and how it could be used by news and features desks to engage readers more:

“So, in busy newsrooms across the country, if Tumblr was installed as the blogging engine would we see better responses and take up? I believe so, especially on the features desks. Think about how many bands, clothes, styles, tid-bits come across the desks of feature writers in regional papers. Want a dumping ground to share your highlights? Tumblr would be perfect. That cool new band you heard the other night, a quick link to their Myspace and your content creation is done.”

Now then, are you a fan of deadlines? I doubt it, either way Alan Mutter has an interesting take on why Deadlines don’t matter anymore.

This week I am finishing up with a community theme – with local journalism in collapse it is residents and ‘citizens’ that are taking up the mantle to fill the gap and Sarah Hartley has been blogging about a new project in Leeds. Well the Guardian Local project isn’t new, but this Community Hub idea is – read on…

Anything must-reads we have missed? Kindly pop them in the comments…


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