News. Now.

Now I’m not going to get all gushy about the state of modern, accessible and immediate-feed journalism, but it is pretty amazing how you can just see something newsworthy and have it live and online within minutes. Now, this isn’t newsworthy by any sense – but goes to show what could happen if it was…

Police #1

On Wednesday 17th November at least 30 police officers were called to the White Hart pub in Tower Hamlets – where I live – to contain and traffic a large group of disruptive and uncontrollable football fans.

The fans sang the usual English football chants and required a heavy police escort away from the premises. There were eight police vans and two further police cars on the scene as traffic on the crossroads at Mile End Road came to a standstill.

Violence #1

This story – although I’ll admit it is terribly small – has not been reported anywhere else that I can possibly search: no papers, no online news sites… not even hyperlocal Tower Hamlets feeds.

What this means is that the all-round on-site journalist is as important as ever. Imagine if what happened outside my window was a scoop?

From the comfort of my own road – armed with just my mobile phone – I was able to snap, shoot, record, edit, upload and report within minutes. Suddenly this story – again tiny– is ready for the masses…

And it seems that if I wasn’t there then who would have known?

Violence #3

Again, I won’t go gushy on the current journalistic climate but it really is an industry that is accommodating the as and when.

The passion and hunger are there.

Even the stories are there.

It seems that everything is there…

Some say the industry is flailing and floundering a little… I’d actually say it’s ripe for the picking. The modern journalist has the power at his fingertips to break local news and national exposés… fast!

Probably a bit too fast; this video was taken rather quickly (and whilst I was in the middle of something)!


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3 Responses to News. Now.

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  2. Just to reiterate guys: not “News” by any sense – rather a thought that I had when it was happening (hence the window shots). Imagine it was a “newsworthy” story etc – modern tech etc. has the power to report it immediately.

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