The reading list: Week 12

Photo courtesy of bravenewtraveler

Photo courtesy of bravenewtraveler

It’s that time again when we let you know what journalists, journals and online articles have been the focus of our hack-ttention in the past seven days.

Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles by commenting below, emailing us at or tweeting us (@wannabehacks). Here goes…

This week we are starting with a post on The Moving Media. It looks at how mobiles were used in reporting on the student protests mid week. The site looks at how journalism is being impacted by mobile reporting and the functionality that is granted to us by smart phones on the go. This post is acknowledging how bad ‘old media’ is at covering something as it happens. (Although they are getting better)…

“Nowadays this form of reporting has taken a kick to the teeth. We, as the absorbing public, demand speed, efficiency, accuracy and engagement as prerequisites. Yesterday we were able to watch a new breed of reporting in perfect motion, as eyewitnesses posted minute-by-minute information on Twitter, and photographers uploaded via Flickr. Sky News’ Kay Burley, who made several slapdash reporting bloopers, could have learned a thing or two from the would-be journalists on the streets.”

Stuff Journalists Like have got a great little post on what it is like to date a journalism student. Any of it ring true for anyone out there?

Are you a freelancer? Have you ever had trouble getting paid? – Well the Independent Journalist has some great advice: it all depends on whether you want to burn some bridges or not…

Having trouble conceptualising your posts, arguments and articles? Then you should be using outlines; like Jeremy says – you wouldn’t build a house without blueprints…

To finish up with we are heading back over to Adam Westbrook’s blog – this time it is some great advice on passion projects and how to stay motivated. There is an excerpt below, but do head over and check out the whole post.

“Last month I blogged about the importance of being prolific in order to get good at anything.

If you want to be a successful print journalist you need to write prolifically; if radio is your bag, you must be podcasting and audiobooing like a mutha. No excuses.

I still think it’s worth emphasising because I know as a busy journalist myself, a former student, and now a lecturer in journalism, that motivating yourself to invest in getting better at something is really hard.

If you’re a full time journalist or freelancer, you’re probably tired, poor, or can’t justify the time spent on going out and shooting some photographs without the commission. If you’re a student, you’re probably hungover.”


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4 Responses to The reading list: Week 12

  1. Peter Demain says:

    Were I the fifth hack I’d be doing a ‘seeing list’ alongside this one, for those journalists and interested sorts who haven’t the time or arsedness to read much:

    Here’s two contrasting clips of two very different interviewers questioning the same person:

    David Letterman interviewed Oliver Reed 1987.

    An unnamed interviewer speaking to Ollie in 1992.

    You can see which interview the actor apparently enjoys the most, and from that we see the fellow who remarked about silence to be correct, as the difference can’t be put down to the possible state of his bloodstream entirely.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

  2. laraoreilly says:

    A really good list guys – most of which were from blogs I’ve never visited before, so thanks.

    The post on freelance payments is ringing particularly true at the moment. But even that post doesn’t tackle the main issue: how to demand payment but still continue to work for the publication in question. You can’t send round a collection agency then hope to be assigned the splash the following week. It’s a tricky one.

    • The Intern says:

      It’s a tricky problem and one that comes down to experience I think. Email’s are a bad way to to have to deal with such problems (although it is the dominant communication medium) because text is so bad at communicating tone. I also think that once you have been burnt once or twice you learn to take measures to protect yourself.

      Good news they are mostly new blogs – we are in the process of building a revamped resources section as well, so any recommendations for blogs (or individual posts) are welcome.

      The Intern.

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