Hacks do Movember: an update

The Student

The Student

You could be forgiven for thinking that last week’s post signalling our collective intent to do Movember was nothing more than hot air. However, we thought we’d post a few photos of the Hacks to prove we’re committed to the cause and to let you get to know the Hacks a little better.

The Student has had a solid start to Movember and – although he hasn’t gone clean shaven on his chin yet – is looking like a real force to be reckoned with amongst the five wannabe journos.

The City postgrad student actually has some previous experience when it comes to tasches; he attempted last year’s Movember but heavy-handedly trimmed too much of his beloved mo after a friend questioned his upper lip monstrosity. Not learning from those mistakes he grew another whilst in South Africa over the summer, which unsurprisingly led many to mistake him for Manuel of Faulty Towers.

The Chancer... yeah we know

Forever in the shadow of his blogging partner in crime The Chancer is struggling somewhat with the Movember challenge. Firstly, I think it is important to make clear that he HAS tried to grow a moustache. You would be forgiven for thinking that he shaved seconds before this photo was taken but alas that would not be true. No, dear reader, that really IS The Chancer’s attempt at a moustache after over a week. If you click on the photo you might – might! – be able to see a faint outline of stubble but that is generous.

You may be surprised to hear that he has actually attempted the Movember challenge before but clearly hasn’t learnt from the embarrassment. Last year his Mum even posted him a fake tache from a joke shop to help him out a little. Should you see him sporting a perfectly crafted Tom Selleck number on the next update you will know why. Bless him.

Nick Petrie's Movember Pics

On the left week one and on the right week two

The Intern knows from previous experience that he has a slow start, but a strong finish. You are being treated to a week one and start of week two shot here. He likes to maintain that his rather fairer mane means that ‘selective’ lighting prevents his tache from being as immediately imposing as The Student’s.

However he is confident is his ability to win over his fellow hacks and – as usual – show them all how it is done. The Intern has a strong track record – winning the student newspaper office challenge last year (this was in no way because he was Editor).

Anyway lets face it, he won’t be losing to the Chancer.


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3 Responses to Hacks do Movember: an update

  1. My effort so far is coming along well. Must say that this photo exaggerates the growth slightly, a friend of mine saw me in a lecture yesterday and commented he “couldn’t see it” from about 5 metres away under bright lighting, so there you go. Nonetheless I definitely feel that I’m starting to get odd looks in the street… http://twitpic.com/34si4b

    • The Intern says:

      Glad to know we are not alone. On that note everyone should feel free to send their Movember shots in – we can create a Hacks hall of fame towards the end of the month…

  2. Mo Sizzlack says:

    Maybe you boys should try again post-puberty, there’s literally nothing there fellas! Nine days in and I’m looking like neanderthal man

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