Wanted: a fifth Wannabe Hack

Wannabe Hacks are looking for a fifth hack to join our ranks.

Fifth Hack

As we explained on Thursday The Detective will no longer be blogging about getting into the media after deferring his postgraduate course place. It means that we would like someone to help blog about the ups and downs of getting into the big bad world of journalism.

The only stipulation is that you must be trying to get into the media in some shape or form.

Other than that, we’re easy.

It may be useful, but not necessary, if you are trying to do so through a path we do not cover at the moment – e.g. an NCTJ course, newspaper/magazine traineeship, trainee reporter on a local paper etc.

It would also be a bonus if you were in the vicinity of London (we like to share the odd beverage now and again). But this is equally not a must because we would happily welcome a Northern point of view on the getting into the media.

We’re also looking to hear from women trying to get into the media as we’re a male-dominated bunch – a female perspective certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

The hope – in time (presuming each of the original Hacks eventually gets a full-time job in journalism…) – is that the five of us will be able to pass over the reigns to the new guard of wannabe journos who will in turn chart their paths into the industry.

We would like to think that, in a few years, Wannabe Hacks will not only compare the various means of getting into journalism but will contrast the way in which these paths into the media have changed over time.

So if you’re a budding journalist, have some fresh ideas and would like to become part of the Wannabe Hacks team, drop us an email at hacks@wannabehacks.co.uk or tweet us @wannabehacks to say your interested and we can go from there.


About benwhitelaw
Ben is Communities Editor at The Times

6 Responses to Wanted: a fifth Wannabe Hack

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  2. mhdbass says:

    It’s lovely that you see this as an ongoing project which can be continued by future Wannabe Hacks – I certainly feel like this blog fills a real gap. Most of the other thoughts on getting into journalism that are readily available online are produced by those who made it a few generations ago, when the industry was rather different. Also, I’d definitely love to see a female perspective, though I’m not volunteering myself here 🙂

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  4. Concerned Pedant says:

    Typo in the final para… You’ve got your “you’re”s in a twist.

    Good idea to pass on the website, though.


  5. Emma Farley says:

    Sounds interesting. Would you consider someone who is qualified yet still hasn’t made it? I’ve just graduated and am struggling to make it in the South West (see my previous guest post) and think this may provide a different take…

  6. The Student says:

    Hi Emma, thanks for your comment.

    Yes of course we would consider someone like yourself (we really enjoyed your guest post).

    If you drop an email to hacks@wannabehacks.co.uk with a few details about yourself we will get back to you in the next week or so with a decision.

    Thanks again for dropping by.

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