Getting it on with multimedia: Audioboo style

(Direct Audioboo link here…)

Man speaking through meagphone

At Hacks we are always looking to practice what we preach – a couple of weeks ago we introduced our first podcast and today we are continuing our foray into the audio world with an Audioboo. The idea behind these shorter, more informal posts is to allow us to communicate some thoughts, ideas and insights to you in bite-size pieces. No doubt at some point you will hear the Chancer moan about the price of coffee on his patch or the Freelancer giving some impromptu pitching advice.

These ‘boos will be available from iTunes so you can get them on your iPods (or non Apple mp3 players… as you should be able to do with our podcast soon as well). This way you can have the Hacks at your side even when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Seriously though, we hope these shorter posts will be just as useful as our other content, just more versatile and engaging. We do also have plans to cross the video frontier at some point so you should also keep your eyes open for what will no doubt be a hilarious first attempt (YouTube sensation anybody?).

Anyway, the Intern has what should be a different take on adding to your CV this week.

Listen up.


About Nick Petrie
Social Media & Campaigns Editor @TheTimes of London. Co-founder @Wannabehacks. Interested in communities, conversations, storytelling.

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