Guardian live Q&A: “A survival guide for budding journalists”

The Guardian

This afternoon a few of the Hacks are taking part in the Guardian careers chat – A survival guide for budding journalists…

There are lots of great panelists contributing to the chat so it is a fantastic chance to get some answers to any questions you might have as well as some useful tips for making it as a modern-day journalist. Just click the link above to get involved, we are sure you will get some helpful ideas even if they don’t necessarily come from us!

Panelists include:


About Matthew Caines
Community & content for the Guardian Culture & Media professional networks | founder of @wannabehacks @withinreachmag | find him on Twitter @mattcaines

2 Responses to Guardian live Q&A: “A survival guide for budding journalists”

  1. Peter Demain says:

    Last half hour had the servers intermittantly hiccuping with a true to form 404 polite exclaiming:- “Sorry – we haven’t been able to serve the page you asked for”.

    Otherwise it tended towards good textual natter…gleaned tips as well as a couple of ideas from those experienced in freelancing and journalism overall. Saved the entire thread for reference. I recommend wannabe/current hacks who missed it check it out.

    Thank you all for informing me of today’s discussion.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

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