Life at the New Statesman: Part 3

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What happens if you don’t ask? You don’t get.

My final take-away insight from the New Statesman for you loyal readers is about creating opportunities for yourself. There are few things more pointless than being unhappy and unfulfilled because you did not pipe up about problems or concerns. If you are not being given the opportunities to learn or perform certain tasks and responsibilities whilst interning you cannot expect your employer to just start providing them. Furthermore, if you see new roles you would like to learn more about, you cannot expect your employer to sense this and change it. It is change you must bring about yourself.

How can you do this?

I think there are two good ways to ensure you are making the most of the opportunities in front of you:

  1. Offer to help with interesting projects and tasks. Now I can hear the alarm bells ringing in your head; didn’t the Intern tell us last week to make sure we are staying focused? He did and offering to help won’t change that because you are still (to a degree) picking and choosing what you want to get stuck into further.
  2. ASK. Simple isn’t it, if there is something going on in the office that seems a little bit special, or a task that doesn’t fall under your remit or even under the ‘role’ (editorial for instance) that you are learning that does not mean you cannot ask to help out or observe and learn.


The chances are you’re not being paid whilst on your internship; your payment comes from what you learn whilst at an organisation. You are in control of how experience rich you leave after your time interning. You can have the bare minimum like a lot of interns that pass through the doors or you can be the one that stands out, that grabbed raging bull of boredom by the hands and banished it in favour of a fulfilling internship that sets you up well for the future.


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