Fellow freelancers, Qluso has arrived

While most young males are dreaming of Megan Fox and Eva Mendez, this young male journo dreams of a world where editor and freelancer can frolic hand-in-hand through fields of commissions.

It’s a world where all those hours spent searching for editor emails don’t exist – it’s a world where, in one place, freelancers can exhibit their work without having to sell their soul to get the gig. It’s a world where a lot of the hard work has been already done for you…

Do I need to see a therapist? Absolutely.

Do I need to dream that dream anymore? Absolutely not!

You see fellow freelancers, Qluso has arrived.

Qluso is a web application that – as the creators describe themselves – was designed for news editors, but built for freelance journalists. It is essentially a place where news editors get to bid on exclusive stories sold by you, the writer, and its purpose is twofold: it helps Eds find the top-notch stories they need but also gives freelancers a chance to get the best price on their article and see that money on the same day!

Qluso Dashboard

Qluso Dashboard

After having a sneak peek at the Qluso Beta I can tell you now that the web app is a very exciting and impressive piece of journo kit…

The first thing that you’ll notice about Qluso is the slick layout and minimal design. Forget messy freelance inboxes with hundreds of unread and starred messages that may or may not be a commission. This time you have a clear, concise set of icons that provide everything you need. With one click of a button you can contact a whole host of editors eager to pick up your work.

Second thing you’ll notice is the usability and the ease with which you can upload an article. Enter a headline, enter a summary, enter some key details and get ready to enter the editorial marketplace because it is from here that your work gets sold.

Much like a modern writer’s eBay, there are bid reserves and time limits and – when submitting your article – you can add any supporting information (pictures and docs). Ultimately Qluso makes it incredibly easy to package your particular article and even easier to sell it.

Qluso Beta

Upload your article - Qluso Beta

But be ready to sell yourself as well; not because times are that hard, but because you have a profile to maintain: upload an Avatar and list your qualifications, experiences and achievements and show the Qluso community why you are such a good writer and why your article should be the on to turn heads.

Throw into the mix that this is only the Beta and that there’s an iPhone app and social network presences ahead, and the future looks very bright for this potentially brilliant program.

Qluso is a simple, stylish but very seductive web app. Just knowing that the aches and pains of pitching and selling your work have been completely removed and then even made simpler is very reassuring for any wannabe hack.

They say that times are tough for the modern writer, but based on Qluso we’ve never had it so good!

Want to get your own Qluso Beta invite? Thanks to the kind folks at Newsrupt we are able to offer a free private invite to all of our Wannabe Hacks readers.

Simply email info@qluso.com, cite the following code – WH310 – and get ready to write.


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