Podcast #1: student journalism

Student journalism is often considered the starting point for many professional hacks these days. It is usually there in that under-funded and unequipped newspaper office that many modern journos get putting pen to paper and start falling in love with the publishing industry.

It is also there that many of your future contacts and friends are made. Just look at Wannabe Hacks: we are Features, Sports and News editors and even an Ed-in-Chief. We were all also writers, subs and proofreaders at some point – Wannabe Hacks is a direct result of our days in the Redbrick paper office.

I know I wouldn’t be posting here today if I hadn’t thought one afternoon in my final year to “put something more than a degree on my CV.” And – as I applied to the Redbrick editorial desk – I would never have thought that one day I might consider myself a writer, let alone making an (adequate) living from it.

This is why it brings me great pleasure to introduce the Wannabe Hacks first podcast – a look into the busy and somewhat bizarre world of student journalism. This in itself I suppose is a testament to the power of student media because it was I and the Intern who – in an ambitious attempt to update and modernize our Features section at Redbrick – recorded the Uni paper’s first podcast in 2009.

Innovation, ambition and enthusiasm: three words that seem to be stuck like glue onto the notion of student journalism. Wannabe Hacks have been there and on this occasion they decide to have a little chinwag about it.


8 Responses to Podcast #1: student journalism

  1. Ryan GS says:

    I’m glad you’re doing podcasts. Interesting to put a voice with a pseudonym! Like the ‘Get Involved’ call to action, as it’s so important.


  2. Sarah Booker says:

    You advocate doing what I did during my first couple of weeks… turn up with ideas. Top stuff.

  3. I loved this podcast. As a student journalism obsessive I can relate to EVERYTHING that was said. It really is so important. And Tom, I too felt like Kate Adie most of the time. 😉 But that’s good…no harm in that. It’s better than being afraid…as a lot of student journalists can be. When I was at Queen’s and was editor of the independent student paper there, I would have went to the odd talk on journalism put on by the university and so many students would be at the talk who had never been to one of the newspaper meetings…and it just angered me. I just thought, “You’ve been here for three years, you say you want to be a journalist and you haven’t got involved in the paper!?” All hail student journalism!

  4. thepopscener says:

    not bad for a first effort lads. the chancer assures me there’s more to come from the wannabehacks hit factory…

    • Wait unil you hear what was edited out! I feel a Xmas outtakes special coming on…

      It’ll Wannabe Alright on the Night!

      • The Intern says:

        Yes, we can get JK and Jaques in on the act as well.. Wannabe Hacks breaks from the norm to do a Christmas Dinner tips special.

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