The reading list: Week 5

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So, it’s Sunday and that time of the week where we let you know what journalists, journals and online articles have been the focus of our hack-ttention.

Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles by commenting below, emailing us at or tweeting us (@wannabehacks). It is a bumper list this week; here is the run down:

This week I am starting with a post to remind everyone that this job searching malarky is hard work and you have to have a thick skin; Chris Dixon writes on the Business Insider If You Aren’t Getting Rejected On A Daily Basis, Your Goals Aren’t Ambitious Enough.

Georgina Laidlaw has written a great post about balancing your time – she splits hers into ‘Social’, ‘Personal’ and ‘Colleague Time’  – how do you maintain your own balance?

Over at Tech Crunch, Ben Colclough has written about the London Start Up Scene – he thinks it is a mess and not helping startups progress:

“My belief is that we need to see more advice on marketing and sales execution, more collaboration and less insanely loud events and investment talk. Until we do, there will be more startups with woefully naive marketing plans that amount to little more than the eternally hopeful ‘word of mouth marketing’.”

In the Guardian this week there was another piece challenging the state of the UK internship culture; Janet Murray suggests that universities are just as bad as big companies. As far as moving forward is concerned, she quotes Aaron Porter, president of the NUS:

“Rather than exploiting the dire employment situation faced by students leaving university, employers should lead by example and pay their employees an appropriate wage. What sort of precedent does this set for graduate employment prospects?”

Wannabe Hacks will be weighing in with its own opinions on the debate raging around internships soon.

To finish up this week, we have two videos. The first is from the Frontline Club, titled Why you should use data to tell a more powerful story. It is an hour and forty minutes long, but very interesting! The second is Ji Lee, talking about The Transformative Power of Personal Projects; it is much shorter (only 8 minutes) and a truly great and inspiring story.

Anything we have missed? Pop it in the comments.


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4 Responses to The reading list: Week 5

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  2. Peter Demain says:

    What is that ‘appropriate wage’ of which Aaron Porter speaks? That’s something I’d like answering, as it’s something I’ve not heard a definition of before.

    Since you lot are doing a related opinion piece soon, perhaps you can clarify the term’s meaning?

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

  3. The Intern says:

    I am pretty sure that by ‘appropriate’ he means the national minimum wage as a base line – it is referred to in another part of the article.

  4. Peter Demain says:

    I got that implication. Not sure what a ‘base line’ is so I’m still uncertain as to what constitutes an appropriate wage to Mr. Porter. Reckon I should go ask him?

    All ‘out of pocket’ expenses are paid bar one – the person’s time. Unfortunately I value my time far more than any price these graduate would offer me to work in a news office so I don’t do the labour.

    This isn’t new; Thatcher years saw an initiative in which young people were given ‘training’ in retail (for instance at checkouts) and given a princely 30 quid a week:

    This is the free market club! The same club they use to bash everybody who isn’t a paid-up member over the head with.


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