The reading list: Week 4

So, it’s Sunday and that time of the week where we let you know what journalists, journals and online articles have been the focus of our hack-ttention.

Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles by commenting below, emailing us at or tweeting us (@wannabehacks). Here is the run down:

This week we are starting with Carl Andrew’s article at the Guardian: The Student’s Quest for the ideal CV. It is a piece that regards the current under-grads’ quest for more than just a degree…

A degree is not enough. These days, students have to do much more than study in order to make themselves employable once they graduate. They are forced into a balancing act as they juggle their time between their degree, extracurricular activities and that golden nugget of CV enhancement: work experience or internship.

Our second push is a piece on troublesome photographers, who – according to the article’s author Paul Melcher – are the best in the business; they challenge their employers, they push the boundaries and rules and, most importantly, get the most impressive results.

For the third round there is a really interesting piece on “Long Journalism” – the art of writing a long feature article and whether or not it can thrive online – and for the fourth there is an experimental article about living without social media… for a week!

Access to these popular social media tools will be blocked from campus computers through the week. This is not a disciplinary exercise… but an academic one. At the end of the week, students will write reflective essays about their time in social media exile.

Finally, we have a piece on Distilled regarding the promotion of your website and “How to get Attention Online”.

Oh, and the new Twitter has been reviewed; check it out.


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