Wannabe Hacks guest posters

Although we Wannabe Hacks may pertain to being the masked and caped crusaders over this dark Journo City we are – of course – not the only inhabitants. Superheroes and Superhacks need help sometimes: a little outside advice or moment of clarity that beats the bad guy; gets the girl; saves the city.

Guest Writer

That is why this Justice League is opening its doors to outsiders…

We understand more than anything that we are not the living, breathing authority on journalism and its confusing network of tunnels in, but we also understand that we are a resource that budding Hacks and Hackettes turn to.

Ultimately, there are other people out there like us and have certain stories and experiences to share that none of us Hacks could possibly testify to.

Working abroad? Haven’t done it.

Radio journalism? Know nothing about it.

Equally, there are those experienced writers, editors and broadcasters that have – brace yourself – got a job in journalism and would – brace yourself again – actually love to pass on their shiny pearls of wisdom to us wannabes.

That said we will now be inviting guest bloggers – from a myriad of backgrounds – to write for us from time to time. You have already met Jason Grant and heard what he has to say about life after a BJTC, and very soon we will be introducing others.

We are going to be pitching two types of guest posters:

  • 1) One offs: As the name suggests, a brief glimmer and glimpse from the world of amateur / experienced journalism that serves as advice or opinion.
  • 2) Regular posters: Those that are undertaking longer-term projects or jobs that we can all benefit from.

This is where you could come in!

If you disagree with us, have an experience regarding something we have written or just think you’ve got the insight and know-how to enlighten us WannabeHacks (and our readers) on something: get in touch.

We’re looking to get guest posters posting every fortnight, so if you are interested say hello in the comments section or drop the Freelancer an email at freelancer@wannabehacks.co.uk.


One Response to Wannabe Hacks guest posters

  1. Peter Demain says:

    I’ll rather be doing a radio hour as soon as I’ve got the jingles down. Couple of people are pleased to guest, and the tunes aren’t an issue…just the cheese betwixt and between.

    Once my guest blog is published here, could I become like Tommy from the Power Rangers? The 6th ranger. As anyone in their 20s worth their salt will recall the Green Ranger was an agent of evil, but after some drawn-out conflicts he becomes good but vulnerable due to a crystal or some crap.

    To really drag it on, a number of current or former evil Fleet Street luminaries will successively employ aggressive control. Then The Detective, clad in 30s era period dress, vaults over sportsdesk; delivers a stern, humiliating slap to the nemesis; then rescues my almost-expended, grievously injured, indeed almost dead Nikon.

    If there’s a job opening for this, here’s some suggested interview questions:

    “Are you mighty?”

    “Are you morphing?”

    “Have you any previous experience with wearing distinctive spandex suits?”

    “Have you manifested a collection of crystals from damp caves?”

    “Are you morally repulsive to the point where you’ll do so many self-derivative spinoffs so that who or what you are becomes an unanswerable enigma?”

    Can we make this work? Just one staged, heavily-choreographed, pseudo-battle or sophomoric joke at a time.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

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