Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.

Well you probably won’t so I’ll tell you, I’m Tom Clarke and am the miserable, lucky and anti-London hack behind the alias ‘The Chancer’. In late September I will be moving from my beloved Salford (it’s in the North, near Manchester) to London to take on the challenge of the Newspaper Journalism MA at City University.

Tom Clarke

Whilst I will be doing the same course as The Student and share many similarities with him I came to be on the course in a very different way, only finding out about it and applying days before the deadline. Like most of my academic work I tend to leave things to the last minute and only really enjoy work when put under pressure. Whilst I have wanted to be a journalist for a long time and have been heavily involved in student journalism with Redbrick and The National Student it is this slightly lackadaisical approach to my future career which has gained me the nickname ‘The Chancer’.

Another reason for my nickname is that I begin my year in London not only with little knowledge about what my course will really offer me but also with absolutely no idea of the city that I will call home for the next year. Whilst many people have told me that to make it as a journalist I need to be in London, I have spent only four days in this country’s capital. To say that I enter this year somewhat blind would be an understatement.

In a very contradictory way I will happily tell anyone who cares to listen of my lack of care for both London and the idea of getting a job, yet as readers will soon realise this is all just northern bravado to mask a strong desire to become a journalist.

I hope that readers will enjoy watching me scramble my way through this year. As I try to become a hack I know I will get many things wrong, I may manage to get a few things right but I make only one promise and that is to share all the highs and lows of this journey with the readers of this site.


About The Chancer
Tom is the former news and sport editor of Redbrick and also worked as the sport editor for The National Student. He has done work experience at local papers across the country and is currently studying the Newspaper Journalism MA at City University. He also co-writes the sport blog with The Student.

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