Guest Post – Jason Grant

This is the first of a series of posts about other hard working hacks and their routes into journalism.This week, Jason Grant – broadcast journalist and media trainer – tells us what life is like after a BJTC.

So I’m a BJTC qualified broadcast journalist from City University London, what next?


As far back as I remember I always wanted to be a reporter. For the last five years, since taking a BTEC National Diploma in radio production, I’ve been completely hooked. Most people struggle to find their voice and battle with their confidence, so if your anything like me, being able to overcome those fears is essential to handling the day to day in a newsroom.

My journey has been met with constant challenges along the way. Those challenges have been varied, like being told I would need a degree to progress in this industry from a producer on my first proper work experience placement. So I enquired and enrolled onto a foundation degree, due to not having A-levels.

I got into five good universities for my progression into the BA but chose to stay at Goldsmiths as the place is unique, radical, and individual. After spending six months on an internet radio station and volunteering for the student radio station, I got two really big breaks. I was selected for the BBC London Step Up course, and was elected to manage the student radio station.

Those two positions opened up doors and I found myself being paid to train young people in radio production and being paid by the BBC for radio research projects. Alas, all good things come to an end and I found myself nearing the end of my degree. After applying unsuccessfully for various journalism schemes, I managed to again have another two breaks. I had an interview for the Scott Trust bursary to study broadcast journalism at City and the Channel 4 talent scheme.

Needless to say, I put my all into the City interview and was successful. After completing placements at GMG Radio, Global Radio and the Guardian’s multimedia desk, I have been cast out into the wilderness to compete with all of the other graduates for those coveted positions.

So here I stand, as freelance journalist who takes shifts whenever they arise, trains people in media production, works in a gym and juggles other projects to ensure that the debts are paid. I’m giving myself a deadline of the new year to be in a full-time position or else I may just have to stop playing the journalism game and enter the world of marketing, sales, public relations or the like.

Jason Paul Grant is a freelance broadcast journalist and media trainer with over five years experience of reporting in local, regional and national newsrooms. Jason has trained young people not in education employment or training but in radio production and digital story telling techniques. Jason is currently developing a news site working with young journalists from around the world.


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