The reading list: Week 2

So, it’s that time of the week again where we open the door to our world and show you what we have been reading.

Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles by commenting below, emailing us at or tweeting us (@wannabehacks). Here is the run down:

Some timely advice from Adam Westbrook for when you are getting started with a blog of your own. Lots of Adam’s content has helped guide us in getting started and we have a lot of surprises coming. My favourite point that Adam makes:

And finally, don’t be in this to do something mediocre – to be yet another voice in the ever-growing crowd. Be in this to do something epic: become the go-to site for your niche, become a thought leader, aim to change peoples’ lives with your writing, that after all is why blogging is so powerful

The Student noticed that Bloggers get approached by PR companies too, you know

There is a great bit of advice over at the Online Journalism Blog about addressing your audience – with great discussion in the comments as well.

Following on with the advice theme, Robert Niles has posted his Advice for journalism students; it is a good summary of what student journos should bear in mind whilst studying.

(This is also a great chance for us to plug our upcoming podcast and posts on how to gain journalism experience at university – keep you eyes on the blog)

Finally, a great little nugget from Freelance Switch about talking to much – definitely something to keep in mind.

Anything we’ve missed? Please add it to the comments.


About Nick Petrie
Social Media & Campaigns Editor @TheTimes of London. Co-founder @Wannabehacks. Interested in communities, conversations, storytelling.

One Response to The reading list: Week 2

  1. Brandscaping says:

    Hey Nick – thanks for sharing the link about talking too much – hope it helps someone in the future.


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