The reading list: Week 1

Each week we will post a selection of articles that we have found interesting over the past seven days.

Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles by commenting below, emailing us at or tweeting us (@wannabehacks)

Mallary Jean Tenore writes about how Technology Is Renewing Attention to Long-form Journalismshe notes that

For as much as technology can distract us from long-form journalism, though, it can also be a gateway into it.

She also introduces the reader to great tools like Instapaper, which gives you a ‘Read Later’ bookmark to note articles that you might want to come back to.

The Telegraph looks at how the availability of new sets of data has had an enormous impact on our lives in 10 ways data is changing how we live.

For all those student editors out there Ed Walker has written his how to guide. It highlights the strengths a student editor needs and points out the common pitfalls to be avoided (NB: although don’t forget to make your own mistakes – they are more important than you will ever know!).

There is also news of Paul Lewis’ U-turn here, the award winning reporter had been due to leave for The Times but has supposedly had a change of heart. What is particularly more exciting is the ‘newly-created multimedia special projects team’ that the Guardian is putting together.

Finally there was a great piece by Kevin Anderson on Strange Attractor on choosing what skills to learn – a great point and a great article.


About Nick Petrie
Social Media & Campaigns Editor @TheTimes of London. Co-founder @Wannabehacks. Interested in communities, conversations, storytelling.

2 Responses to The reading list: Week 1

  1. Mister Reiner says:

    “Please let us know of any other interesting blogs/sites/articles…”

    Two blogs that I really like:

    Bill Mullins’ Weblog Tech Thoughts

    The Book Designer

    • The Student says:

      Thanks for the links Mister Reiner, the Bill Mullins blog especially took our fancy. We hope you’ll pop back over to Wannabe Hacks soon and contribute more links

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