… Introducing myself

Ned Murray

At home under a roof, not undercover

My name is Ned Murray. I am nicknamed on here as ‘The Detective’  because I am beginning a 10-month MA in Investigative Journalism at City University London in the UK in September 2010.

I am a late-comer to journalism, having only decided to take this route around the end of my undergraduate finals in May 2010. Before this I had worked as a Reporter and News Editor at a student newspaper and briefly as a reporter on the News Desk at a well known tabloid newspaper. I want to contribute to causes and exposures that are absolutely in the public interest. The media has a central role to play in any democracy and being able to pursue investigations where they lead is a major and integral part of that.

The Detective will look to record my experiences as a student at City University and as a journalist in the media. I am also keen to learn where the future of investigative journalism lies as it continues to unearth the era-defining stories in a climate of cuts.


2 Responses to … Introducing myself

  1. bxw says:

    ‘reap havoc’


  2. The Detective says:

    Thank you for the correction.

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