Allow me to introduce myself

Nick Petrie

In the middle of a mo-vember challenge

My name is Nick Petrie – nicknamed on here as ‘The Intern’ – this is because of the route I am currently taking into journalism. I am working on a few of my own projects (this being one of them) whilst also interning at established media companies. I am not sure exactly what I want to do in life so I am using these opportunities to discover what it is I like about journalism and what I don’t.

I have come from being heavily involved in a student newspaper (Redbrick) whilst at university (as a writer, section editor and finally editor) and from this I know that I want to be involved in the world of journalism, in fact I want to help change it and to make it better. Some great ideas and concepts are being developed at the moment and I think that in 2011 there will be an explosion of niche and hyperlocal journalism and I want to be part of that explosion.

This blog will chronicle my route as well as my colleagues (who will introduce themselves shortly) and it will develop into a serious resource for anyone looking to get into journalism. It will not be particularly sugar coated; we intend to talk about what we see and experience frankly. We hope that you find it useful / interesting.


About Nick Petrie
Social Media & Campaigns Editor @TheTimes of London. Co-founder @Wannabehacks. Interested in communities, conversations, storytelling.

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